Essay Writing: How to Properly Cite an Essay

Academic writings mostly based on research work. We have to research on particular topics to write our paper. In this regard it is essential for essay writers to properly reference their academic writings. Referencing refers to give credit to other people words, ideas or data of any format that you quote directly or less directly (text, graph, table etc.) in your essays. Attributing anyone else’s work you have read is necessary for all written work especially in academic assignments.

  • Referencing is the most accepted way of acknowledging the work of any other author. Otherwise it’s called plagiarism which is a serious offence academically. It is a practice that allows you to acknowledge the sources of information you used in your writing. If you do not mention your sources it means that you are plagiarizing. It is more than another form of cheating. You must provide a reference whenever you quote, paraphrase or summarize someone else’s ideas, theories, or data. At the end of your writing, you must list the references to the documents you have cited in your paper.
  • Direct words or quotations are those when you copy the word by word material from other writer’s work. They must be provided in quotation marks with a footnote symbol. You can cite it right after the quotation or you can write the source at the end of the paper in bibliography or both. It also needs to consider that when you paraphrase other writer’s words. While paraphrasing the main

    idea or thought is not yours and you need to give the credit to the original source.

  • There are more reasons of referencing apart from avoiding the plagiarism. Basically, you demonstrate your extensive reading through referencing. The other reason is that you are also supporting your thought from the experts’ buy viagra in canada thoughts that makes your write up more credible. By referencing you give the reader a path to check the credibility of your given evidences or stated points.
  • It’s not as simple as just to copy anyone’s ideas as we all do this and most of the time there’s no need to acknowledge the source. If we are presenting any general information which is known by majority then there is no need to cite but information that is distinct in nature and related to someone’s own ideas then we must give the credit to the original author.

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