Essay Writing: Top 5 Tips for Writing First Draft

Faultless writing and flawless wordings are the final concern of any writing project. It needs a lot of efforts and time to fabricate a perfect writing. Essay writing is the basic and conventional way to judge the writing skills of students worldwide for secondary and tertiary education. When I was working to write my essay, I perfectly understood the universal truth ‘Practice Makes Perfect’. It is doubtless true and one must not leave the efforts because of the fear of failure. Here are the top 5 benefits of first draft in crafting academic essay writing:

  • First draft is the place for you to do as much mistakes as you can. Here feel yourself free from perfection. Don’t hesitate in writing non sense and irrelevant. Jot down whatever in mind in whatever style. It helps you figure out the writing skills you possess and give you a perfect writing image of your proficiency. Focus on writing keeping essay topic in mind. Do mistakes here to ensure not making the same in final writing.
  • It is always good to do mistakes in first draft in order to not repeat them in the final work. This is your place to do errors and still working for an error free final draft. Work from a strong essay outline. Keep brainstorming in view, search and research repeatedly to enhance the credibility and quality of essay.
  • Don’t worry about the spelling and grammar at this step. Checking the spelling and grammar is the last step. First draft works as an illustrating point for your project. There is always a chance to fix up the errors in something that’s written but what to do when there’s nothing on the paper.
  • The easiest way to be fail in writing projects is thinking too much. Stop thinking and start sketching your views and don’t stop until you reach the end of drafting at least one complete idea. Edit it later to remove irrelevant words or phrases to make essay writing

    clear and concise.

  • You may have to rewrite or replace a thought at the editing stage. Don’t bother; first draft can never be the final draft. The content of a preliminary draft has to be edit, replace and rewrite accordingly.

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