Top 4 Tips: How to Create a Thesis Statement

Thesis statement is an important component of a well planned and well written essay. In a couple of sentences it tells the reader what the essay is about. Thesis is the statement you have to add in the introductory paragraph of any written assignment to sum up your purpose of writing. In the first paragraph, after introducing the topic in general you must write a thesis statement. It shows that what you have developed and explained in the rest of the essay.

  • Mostly thesis is added in last few lines of the introduction. Then it is needed to build your paper around it. You should support the raised point with verifiable evidences and facts. If you plan to buy essay online then concentrate on their strong thesis statement before making the final decision. Although writing a

    thesis statement is a difficult process but it is important as it gives a direction to the essay.

  • If you sum up the whole writing in a sentence or two, it will become a good thesis statement. A thesis is not a topic but it works in two ways i.e. it tells the reader about the matter of the paper and your raised point which you have supported in the essay. Plus it helps you throughout the writing process to stick with the question. It is recommended to go through your thesis statement repeatedly to ensure that you are working in the right direction.
  • Thinking against your thesis statement allows you to refine your statement. Keep in mind that every argument must have a counter argument otherwise it is a fact or opinion which cannot work as a perfect thesis statement. Your thesis must be based on an argument, not on a fact or opinion.
  • Thinking against your thesis helps you in thorough research to provide better evidences. You have to support your point of view effectively. If you work on your thesis while expecting the opposing points then you will surely strengthen your argument. Do not ever present your thesis in form of a question. It’s never a question; it must be a statement without general and overused terms. Make it as clear and specific as possible.

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