Top 5 Tips: How to Use Good Vocabulary in Essays


Effective vocabulary and careful picking of words make our essays effective and attractive. It’s all about selected words and phrases when we assigned to write something. Academic writings are to get good grades for secondary or tertiary education. Essays are the traditional method of marking the abilities of students which depends on their language and writing skills. You need to pay special attention on improving and brushing up your vocabulary to craft effective papers.

I used to consider these top 5 tips of using fine vocabulary when I have to write my essay:

  • Vocabulary is the basis of any written project. The level of vocabulary, used in the writing, shows the intellect of the person and capabilities of writing skills. When it comes to craft any assigned thesis from institution then it is the time to show your best linguistic and writing skills. You must be selective in your wordings as the extensive use of flowery language may confuse the reader, plus usage of informal words makes the paper boring and a hard task for the reader.
  • It is a must to use formal standard language in a formal academic document. Though the use of fancy stylistic synonyms does not guarantee the good grades but it has an impact of its own. It does not assure

    the flawless paper.

  • One cannot understand what they read if they do not know what the words mean. It’s also approved that if you read one whole page and learn nothing new from it then it indicates that writing is not for you. Make it easy to read for readers. Try to enjoy the new words when reading something; it makes the usage of fancy wordings easy to use in your written assignments.
  • Avoid too long sentences as it can make the idea seem vague. They are tiring for readers as they supposed to follow the sentence structure keenly to figure out the meaning. Use of very short sentences also makes the writing boring. Give a good combination of both long and short sentences to make the writing interesting and catchy.
  • Avoid using out-dated words. Don’t try to formalize your language fall into extremes as it creates an artificial impression. Give a nice blend of synonyms to avoid repetitions of the words and phrases. Avoid vague details. Jargon and technical terms should not be used in essay writing. For acronyms it is a must to give the full form when using first.

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