Top 3 Elements of Writing Process – Prewriting – Writing – Rewriting

Writing helps us to express ourselves and it makes others to understand ourselves better through our written thoughts. Writing is one of the ways that we transfer our opinion

and ideas to others.  A writer must be a critical thinker. Writing style says a lot about the writer. Writing is not an inborn quality and one can achieve writing skills through thorough practice.

Writing is not a product, it’s a process and one should remember that good product depends on good process. Writers must have to follow a particular strategy to write well.

There are three main elements of writing well. In other words writing is a three steps process including prewriting, writing and rewriting:

  • Prewriting: Prewriting includes everything that a writer does before start to draft a paper. It helps to organize ideas on paper, though not in an organized form, via assorted techniques that can be brainstorming, free writing, discussion, clustering, outlines etc. reading and researching also include in prewriting. Writers have to generate unique ideas and organize them. They must figure out that one original idea that works best for their writing assignment in hand. Prewriting techniques provide keywords, meaning and structure to the research with helping to overcome the writer’s block. These exercises help writers to focus intellectually while opening your mind to the ideas to the ideas related to their topic. They help you to develop a logical structure in order to write a perfect paper. The last step in prewriting techniques is to make an outline after brainstorming or free writing to craft the first draft of the paper.
  • Writing: Though begin to write is a difficult task but the prewriting steps make it a little less painful for the writer. After having an outline of the paper in hands it becomes far easier for the writer to write the first draft of the paper according to outlines. As you have the basic structure of the paper in which you just need to add details. There is no restriction while writing the first draft. Remember a first draft can never be the final one. There is no consideration of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or punctuations. This is your place to make mistakes as in the first draft the basic purpose to have everything, related to your topic and according to the paper outline, in written form. Here you have to write to express your thoughts about the topic. You may have t write multiple drafts in order to get a perfect writing. Take it as a usual work as all writers have to go through this rewriting step.  Effective writing depends on rewriting.
  • Rewriting: Writing is all about rewriting. Once you have the first draft with a correct structure then you write to make sense for your reader. Edit your first draft and remove all that is irrelevant to you topic. Rewriting needs a lot of concentration and you should not hesitate in removing any words, sentences or even paragraphs to provide proper flow and coherence to the paper. It is essential to add what is relevant to the paper but it is far essential to remove what is irrelevant. Organize the sentences and paragraphs while rewriting. During the rewriting you need to read the paper with the perspective of a reader to edit it accordingly as per the expectations of the readers.

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