Top 3 Tips: How to Write Supporting Paragraphs

Essay writing is a conventional writing activity. It is assigned by the institutions to mark the intelligence of students in specific manners and disciplines. Essay writing begins with a specific introductory paragraph which must provide the basic arguments about the research. It gives brief review to the reader about objectives, methods, results and conclusion involved in the study.

Writers need to consider a particular essay structure. Essay includes an introductory paragraph, body paragraphs and conclusion. In introduction it is essential to introduce the topic followed by a thesis statement. You have to build your essay around your thesis statement. Thesis is the question that you have to support by body paragraphs to prove your point of view.

The introduction follows by some supporting paragraphs to give the details of the study. It is essential for every convincing argument to be supported by additional evidences. At the end conclusion supports the whole study and gives the brief review of writer’s thought on the topic. Here are top 3 tips to write perfect supporting paragraphs:

  • Supporting paragraphs make the main structure of your essay via developing the main idea in detail. You have to figure out the main idea of the essay topic which can be of three to four main sentences on which your writing project based. You have to craft essay in a way

    that each supporting idea place in a new paragraph. Each supporting idea must be followed by its own evidences, details and examples.

  • Each supporting paragraph should support the main idea of the essay. In introduction you have to figure out a statement and in next you need to favor or against the idea as per your views. The thesis statement works as a roadmap to your writing and the relevancy of the writing makes it easier for the reader to approach your thinking.
  • Special transition words should be used to connect all supporting paragraphs each other. These transition or connecting words help in the relevancy and make it easy to read. Use them in the beginning and end of each paragraph. Create all the paragraphs on the basic structure including topic sentence, supporting sentences and a summary sentence.

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