A Detailed Guide to How to Write a Good Essay

How to write an essay and a good one at that is one of the most important skills that you have to learn when you go to college. It is among the most important things that you need to tackle in order to take admission in a college or university. Moreover, it might even assist you with getting yourself a job that you dreamed of.

But, why it is so significant? In the academia, a good essay portrays the perspective or point of view of a writer. It is also safe to say that it represents the beliefs or ideals of the writer, that is, you. An excellently written essay literally convinces the reader as if the writer is personally arguing with them. However, in order to bring forth such quality, you first have to know what the interest of the audience is and what questions might pop up in their mind. Also you have to deal with the weak points in your arguments and amend them.

In order to put together an articulated essay, you first need to formulate an excellent argument. Remember that the art of devising a coherent argument is the cornerstone of a good essay. If you master such art, it will take you at the top position in your field. Your arguments must be solid because in the real world it is certainly not sufficient to put forth a sloppy or weak argument. Keep in mind that your audience want to know the logical behind your arguments.

Although there are many distinct sorts of essay styles used by many colleges and universities such as persuasive, argumentative, narrative, descriptive, analytical, rebuttal styles, etc. However, each and every sort of style has three main elements in common which are Introduction, Body and Conclusion. You have to compose an essay, no matter which type of style is assigned to you, using these three main elements.

Before discussing each element in respective detail, let us first take a look at a simple mind map illustrating how to write a good essay.


So, what is introduction of an essay? An introduction is the most integral part of the essay because it divulges the background of the topic to the readers and also notifies them about the details that they should look forward to in subsequent chapters. It is the basis of a good essay that the writer must present a catchy introduction that entices the readers to read more.

  • Before starting the introduction, you first need to formulate a plan or a layout for your essay together with some ample research, which you will be putting to use in later chapters.
  • Avoid using any sorts of facts and figures or any anecdotes with lots of description since it will be used in the main body.
  • Commence the introduction with a catchy question or any such statement that will quickly seizes the attention of the audience for instance a controversial statement. Remember that your essay is not the only one that the committee will review that is why you need to make it stand out by making it attention grabbing.
  • Introduce the thesis statement in your introduction while keeping it succinct, avoiding any verbosity. However, keeping in mind that it is not a summary of the entire essay but a relatively short explanation of the problem that you will comprehensively discuss in the body.
  • Keep tabs on the grammar, language and structure of the introduction. Ensure that it doesn’t have any mistake in it and it is structured properly.
  • Wrap up the introduction by giving a final statement or explanation that should consequently lead to the essay’s main body.


Body of the essay is the part which is sandwiched between the essay’s introduction and conclusion. It is that place where you elucidate your topic or essay’s theme in great details and supporting those details with facts and figures or examples. This extensive section of your report directly connects with the thesis statement that you present in the introduction.

  • First review your guidelines again and see what type of essay assignment is given to you. The length of the essay depends on the type provided to you by your teacher. As per your requirements you could write 3 paragraph essays, 5 or 8 paragraph essays. So, first determine what type of essay you are assigned and then proceed.
  • The first paragraph of the essay’s body will follow the thesis statement. Commence the body with a topic sentence since it displays the strongest point of your argument.
  • Every main paragraph of the essay should be started with a topic sentence. Such sentences provide a strong statement, informing the audience that what paragraph will be focused.
  • While keeping your topic sentence direct and succinct, expand your paragraph by presenting four to five supporting sentences that back up the topic sentence. Use facts, figures, graph, charts or any relevant anecdotes to support your point. However, if you are quoting an outside source in your essay, you need to cite it properly.
  • Now develop the concluding sentence for the first paragraph that will use as a transitional sentence by which you lead your reader from one paragraph to the other.
  • Repeat the same process for every paragraph depending on the type of your essay. Close the last paragraph of the body with a transitional sentence that will lead the audience to the conclusion of your essay.


Essay conclusion is also an integral part of the assignment which should be kept brief while leaving an effective partying impression on the audience. The conclusion paragraph is the last section that gives you one last opportunity to convince the audience.

  • Briefly summarize all the main points that you have explained in the body of your report, while avoiding any repetition. Keep in mind that conclusion usually takes a sentence or two to wrap up your assignment.
  • Sketch a pensive conclusion while restating the thesis statement. Keep in mind that the statement should be reworded, thus reminding the audience the main focus of the topic.

Finally, once the essay is completely drafted, proofread it to spot any mistakes that you may have made while writing. Carefully proofread the material and correct the mistakes in it. You should also check it with the original guideline in order to ensure that you have followed the right instructions.

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