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If 'Research and Writing' is not something that you enjoy doing, then you will definitely wonder and ask yourself, "How can I write my essay successfully and submit it on time?" .

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To write your essay successfully, you need time and patience. You need to first come up with a good topic and, I tell you, it's not something that you can do easily. So, be patient as you try to come up with one.

You also have to understand the format of your particular essay. For example, if it's a persuasive essay, then you need to know its format. If it's an argumentative essay, then you need to know how you should get your message across effectively, and so on.

You'll have to then conduct a thorough research to find relevant matter for your essay. The last thing will be to write your essay without any errors.

You'll then ask, "Will I be able to secure a good grade when I write my essay?"

Good question. Honestly speaking, if you don't like to write essays, then it's not difficult to guess that it won't be easy for you to get a good grade.

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